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Blood of the Moon has received the prestigious Editor's Choice and Rising Star awards from iUniverse.

“A stunning debut. Well-researched, tightly plotted, and teeming with vividly-drawn characters. Gazala has a great voice, as well as a clear gift for breakneck pacing and narrative drive. A rich and rewarding read.” Raymond Khoury,
NYT Bestselling Author of The Sign


2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Blood of the Moon is named a Finalist in the Suspense/Thriller category, and will be featured at the BookExpo America show at the Javits Center in Manhattan, May 25-27, 2010.
2010 Santa Fe Trail Book Contest
Blood of the Moon takes bronze at the 2010 Santa Fe Trail Book Contest
2009 DIY Book Festival
Blood of the Moon received an Honorable Mention at the 2009 DIY Book Festival

Midwest Book Review

five out of five stars “An exciting read, highly recommended”

“The truth is something that is very hard to handle. "Blood of the Moon" is the tale of David Rivers and his astronaut father's legacy. His father Michael, losing his mind to disease and age, holds a secret from his trip to the moon. David is on the brink of finding this secret, but soon realizes it may have been kept a secret for a reason, as the world around him begins to collapse and the truth may only make it worse. "Blood of the Moon" is an exciting read, highly recommended.” Via Amazon.com

From BarnesAndNoble.com

five out of five stars “Blood of the Moon - Original and Well Done”

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. In addition to a wholly original plot, the writing was impeccable and the characters were unique. This is not your run of the mill "Pretty Woman/Military Rogue save the planet" type thriller that you can skim. The book grabs you from page one and makes you not only want to finish it, but to think about some of the very real questions that the novel brings to light. I highly recommend it.” User: LauraO

five out of five stars “Moonstruck by this thriller”

“This is an [sic] riviting thriller driven by compelling characters, global issues, political intrigue and cool science. It takes place in a not too distant and all to easy to imagine future. Each chapter is a piece in a puzzle that interconncets Oil Tycoons, astronauts, eco-terrorists and Washington elite. It's a really fun, can't-put-it-down read.” User: Fsbrat

five out of five stars “Great read!”

“This is his first novel and I was surpised to find that I couldn't put it down. It has an original plot with just enough surprises to keep you guessing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Hope there is another in store.” User: Anonymous

From Amazon.com

five out of five stars “Terrific thriller with entertaining twists!”

“This book is an enjoyable thriller because of its clearly entertaining plot and how the many story lines are aptly sewn together by this talented author. The many descriptions of various locales makes the novel both vivid and the short chapters make it fast paced. The unanticipated ending took me for surprise because even though there were some twists that I could see coming, and the excellent writing kept me wanting to see how it turns out, the ending was not at all what I imagined. Tough book to put down, and despite the dark side of human nature depicted, it is an enjoyable read. If you like a good mystery with various plots weaved together, this book is for you.” Jeff Goodman
Milton, Massachusetts USA

five out of five stars “Excellent plot. Well thought out. Great attention to detail.”

“Awesome book. Very well researched and thought out. Exciting plot twists. Keeps the reader on his/her toes. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down.... even missing game 6 of the world series to finish! I read an average of 2-4 novels a month, usually while traveling. I can't recall one that I've enjoyed as much. An excellent first effort and I'm already looking forward to more! ” Bill White
Alexandria, VA USA

five out of five stars “Timely, Intelligent Political Thriller”

“First, Richard Gazala is a damn good writer. Second, he weaves a hell of a story. Third, his book reads and is constructed like a movie script (that's a good thing). I truly loved 99% of the book (that's a really good thing). I usually don't like anything. A great, timely, unique and riveting story, I couldn't put it down. I can usually guess at any twists and turns coming, and he surprised me a number of times. I can't wait to read his second book. ” Judith Nachshin

five out of five stars “A Bloody good read.”

“Blood of The Moon has what every good thriller should...and no I'm not talking about the gloved one (RIP MJ)

A great read with interesting and memorable characters throughout. BoTM is a fast-paced, well-researched story with intelligently crafted twists and turns leading up to an action-packed, suspense-filled ending. Gazala does a great job detailing exotic locales, filling them with all kinds of shifty characters and sub plots. The story's backdrop of energy wars mixed with 2016 geopolitic makes today's world seem like a family picnic. Would love to see this story made into a movie.

Looking forward to his next effort.”

Bill Reed
Ashburn, VA USA

five out of five stars “Couldn't put it down!”

“This is one of those books you wish you had the time to read from start to finish. It was hard to put down; I wanted to read "just one more chapter"! The well-developed characters were interesting and convincing. There were satisfying twists and turns which kept the plot moving at a great pace to its incredible ending. The author's excellent research efforts gave credibility to the storyline and made reading that much more enjoyable. A great thriller, and a great read.” Janet Dixon
Houston, TX USA

five out of five stars “Gazala has that most important gift of any thriller writer: perfect timing.”

“With "Blood Of The Moon", Richard Gazala draws us into the very near - and very dark - future, where the wholesale price of gasoline hovers around $13 a gallon. His characters are plausible, simply because we know (or know of) people so very like them. Especially refreshing is protagonist David Rivers, who - unlike Jason Bourne or Dirk Pitt - doesn't save the day by suddenly developing an entirely new skill set. (There is, however, one very dangerous femme fatale with the instincts of a black widow spider and more lives than a cat.)

Gazala has that most important gift of any thriller writer: perfect timing. His plot, which concerns the potential discovery of mineral deposits on the moon, dovetails perfectly with our recent bombing of the lunar surface (seeking water vapor.) He seems either eerily prescient, or else "wired-in." It makes a good read even better. ”

Gina Tanner
Irving, TX USA

five out of five stars“Many surprises from the first page and especially at the end!”

“Yes, it's a thriller! This well researched cleverly written book flows with surprises all throughout.I was especially impressed with the amount of research done including technical knowledge of the subject to help the reader picture people and events. This story would make an outstanding motion picture. I hope Richard writes another one soon.” Charles B. Gibson
Fairfax, VA USA

five out of five stars“A definite page-turner!”

“I usually enjoy thrillers and yes, I have to confess, the author is a friend of my cousin, so -- I kind of had to read it! Well, I'm very glad I did, and but it was bloody hard to put down. Definitely a page-turner in the best sense of the phrase.

The characters are well drawn, and they're never who you think they are. Gazala obviously knows his subject and has done his homework. It's tight, fast moving, and would make one hell of a film! And as for timeliness -- again, definitely! Between a rather Palin-like presidential candidate, the justified concern over the consumption of fossil fuels, it could not be more relevant. I hope a major pubisher picks up this book so it will get the kind of visibility it deserves!

And I can't wait to see his next book...”

M. Elizabeth Wilson ("Wilson Books")
Atlanta, GA USA

five out of five stars“First time author puts out a first rate suspense novel”

“I am a big fan of first time authors. They have a focus and level of creativity that is not formulaic or predicatable, but carries the reader through the story as if they are reading it aloud to you. "Blood of the Moon" is that kind of book. Characters are well developed, the story takes great twist and turns, and the story comes together in well tied but unexpected ways. The relevance of the story to our times - where we will find new sources of energy, how politics affects more than we realize - adds to the tension by making it all so plausible. A must read for suspense lovers!” David Cooperstein

five out of five stars“Can't believe this is his first book!”

“Great book! I couldn't put it down! The author tells a fascinating tale of greed and morality and although it is a work of fiction, the basic premise is believable - I wouldn't be surprised to read about something like this in the paper. The ending was especially shocking - never saw that coming! Can't wait for the next one from Gazala!” Lisa Rhodes
Cottonwood, AZ USA

five out of five stars“ Success is in the details!”

“The author's masterful blending of well-researched details and believable fictions blurred the lines between reality and fiction, drawing me in for a wild ride with plenty of twists, turns, and surprises that left me saying, "I should of seen that coming". An engaging and entertaining read, I can't wait for the followup!” Gregory A. Buck
USN Retired
Indian Head, Md USA

five out of five stars“Can't Wait for Gazala's Next Thriller!!”

“I am often skeptical about books written by first time authors. However Richard Gazala's Blood of the Moon blew me away! His eloquence and mastery of the thriller genre are evident throughout this entertaining novel. His indepth research and attention to detail add credibility to his story. This is a real page turner as you rush to unravel this complex mystery. Gazala should become our next best-selling author. Bring on the next one...I can't wait!” Nancy Z. McGrath

five out of five stars“A great discovery”

“This is a really fun, fast-paced read enlivened by aging astronauts, eco-terrorists, Washington power players and oil barons. The characters are realistic and compelling. The setting in a oil-starved 2016 seems eerily close at hand. Each chapter drives the story from a new thread of a complex web. I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller.” Cory Fatello

five out of five stars“Who is behind OPEC?”

“Richard Gazala, a Washington lawyer who studied in the Middle East, has written a global thriller that moves quickly from the moon to Texas to Venezuela to Europe to the Arab world and to Washington in search of the masterminds behind the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. The action is exciting, the characters are well drawn, and the result is satisfying. All in all a good read!” Scott Brunger
Maryville, TN USA

five out of five stars“The best book I read in 2009!”

“Richard Gazala has written a spellbinding, scintillating first novel. With the pacing of a Tom Clancy novel and the intelligence of a Dan Brown novel, this book should be on everyone's reading list. His descriptions of places and characters make you feel as though you have been there and know these people. There are enough twists to keep you riveted, enough humor to keep you entertained and enough reality to make you believe every word. This is a book that would make a great movie and I hope that is in the works. I can't wait to read his next book. Brilliant!” Meridith S.Stanley
Midland, TX USA

five out of five stars“A fascinating read !!”

“Blood of the Moon by first-time author Richard Gazala is one of those books that should never end. Well written thrillers are hard to come by but this one is definitely from a very talented author. As the story developed, the realization that the line between fiction and reality is a very fine one indeed kept me riveted. The conquest of space, a major oil crisis, under-cover politics and a secret so volatile that it might be best buried....Although I lost a couple of good nights of sleep reading Blood of the Moon, I can't wait for Mr Gazala to write another book.” Nathalie Dietz Mathet

five out of five stars“Very Clever”

“Very clever, well written , ballanced storyline. Difficult to put down. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next!” Marina F. Hoffman
Alexandria, VA USA

four out of five stars“OVER THE MOON”

“This book grabs you from the first paragraph and doesn't let go until the last one. A unique story line, interesting characters and settings and a surprise ending will make you hold on to the book until you reach the (slightly confusing) conclusion. I hope that Mr. Gazala has another book waiting in the wings.” Amazon User: “bocamom62”
Florida USA

five out of five stars“Amazing first book!”

“I can not believe this is Rich Gazala's first book! I was hooked right away, and found myself devouring this book. As many of the other reviewers have said, the twists and turns really catch you by surprise and keep you hanging on with anticipation. It seems very well researched and I find it a bit frightening how possible it is that it is true! I can't wait for round two from this writer's mind.” JoAnn Atwood
“From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.” Groucho Marx

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