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Blog Guest Post -- But What Are They Eating?

Shelley Workinger runs an author blog called "But What Are They Eating?"  In it, authors write about the connections between food and their writing. She kindly invited me to contribute a piece. I did. Here it is. Bon appetit. 

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“Recursion” takes place a few years after the events of the award-winning international conspiracy thriller, "Blood of the Moon." The devastating global Oil Wars rage on, and nobody’s winning. But a strange and dangerous auction in Washington, D.C. may hold the key to controlling the Wars’ outcome, and changing life as we know it, forever. “Recursion” is the bridge between "Blood of the Moon" and its upcoming sequel, "Blood of the Earth." An aperitif, if you will. And there’s more! As a special bonus to “Recursion” readers, “Recursion” includes a sneak peek at "Blood of the Earth."  

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We get it. E-books are great. We love them. But sometimes, fingers clamor to clutch the pages you read. Sometimes, there's no substitute for the tactile. Often we've been asked to produce a physical copy of "Trust and Other Nightmares," the short story horror anthology that until now has been available only in bits and bytes on electronic things. Always we hear our esteemed readers, and occasionally we obey them. This is one of those occasions. We've just released the brand new paperback edition of "Trust and Other Nightmares." A tidy volume, perfect for choking a Christmas stocking with fears and frights on firelit winter nights. Happy reading. 

The Space Review Lists "Blood of the Moon"

The Space Review, a site dedicated to key space issues, events, history, and related topics, includes Blood of the Moon on its 2016 list, "Stories of cislunar suspense: Literary adventure on the near frontier." 

"Kiss Him for Me" Named Finalist

"Kiss Him for Me," a short story by Richard Gazala, was named a finalist in the short story category of the 2014 Faulkner-Wisdom Writing Competition in New Orleans, Louisiana.

NASA Finds Lunar Oil

"Saturn's orange moon Titan has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth, according to new data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The hydrocarbons rain from the sky, collecting in vast deposits that form lakes and dunes."

NASA Mission News, 2008

That sounds like something right out of Blood of the Moon...